Control-panel Board

Control Panel Board

The 200 series include stator impedance starter for reduced voltage ( with klixon against overload) this series is particularly designed to start submersible electric pumps and to command electric motors destined to be driven with a maximum frequency of 4 start per hour, of which maximum 2 are consecutive. They are wall-mounting enclosures, mounting rail, cable ducting and cable clips.


Brand and make





For submersible pump surface pump motor starter and full protection according to European standards




Power from  7,5 kW – 10 HP up to 220 kW – 300 HP



Operating condition

Three phase Impedance with klixon against overload

2 contactors

400/24 V safety transformer for auxiliary circuit

Protective fuses for transformer and auxiliary circuit

400/24 V safety transformer for auxiliary circuit

Protection against under voltage phase frailer and sequence  

Voltmeter selector switch

Voltmeter selector switch (starting AST 20/40)

IP55 metal sheet cabinet, RAL 7035